During an afternoon of exchanges, the National Institute for Circular Economy (INEC) and ORÉE will unveil the results of their study: “Major Circular Economy Networks in Europe”.

Friday 17 April 2020 at 14.00

IPAG, 184 boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris, France





Co-authored by the two organizations, the study analyses 28 networks in Europe: the ambitions of these organizations, approaches to the circular economy, tools, works…

During the event, the European Economic and Social Committee will detail the governmental dynamics around the circular economy in the different European countries, through its work on “Circular economy strategies and roadmaps in Europe: Identifying synergies and potential for cooperation”.

The latest policy developments at the European level, and in particular the future European Circular Economy Package – due to be published in March 2020 – will be presented by representatives of the European Commission.

A member of European Parliament, Mr Pascal Durand, will present its vision of circular economy in Europe.

Finally, the event will be an opportunity to discuss with representatives of European networks and institutional actors about their feedback : Slovenia, Finland, Poland, Netherlands, european networks…


Programme to come

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